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1) kevin johnson (for dad Vincent C. Johnson) 
From: 1950 to 1954
Division/rate: electronics engineer
Years aboard: 1950-54
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Saturday, June 3, 2017 11:36 AM Host: Write a comment on this logbook entry Send poster an E-mail

Greetings honorable sailors.

It is with regret that I forward that my father (Vincent C. Johnson) has passed away yesterday after a short illness. He was 87 years old.
His naval career found him on 4 carriers to include the Coral Sea, the Oriskany, Midway, Oriskany and Roosevelt.

He spent four years in the Navy but always acted like he spent 50. He loves this country, his family and his sailors. He has supported me in my 35 years as a paramedic / firefighter and I want you to know that he admires his ships and those that served on it.

He was an honorable man, a gift to his country and a friend to all. May those of you that served with him, knew of him or simply believe that what you have done in your past reflects the honor of the future, be blessed in heaven.

May his soul rest in peace, but know that you are all legends among men, hero's among the stars and forever will be in my heart.

Kevin Johnson
Fire Rescue
5908 Ohara Drive
Stone Mountain, Ga 30087

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