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Far East Cruise 1953/54 Part 1
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Far East Cruise 1953/54 Part 2
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I received an email the other day from the son of one of the pilots of VF-192 who is featured in this home movie. Below are excerpts of his comments to me that I wanted to share with you.

"Enjoyed all you have done with the video's. My father flew with VF-192 aboard the Princeton during 1951-52 flying f4U's and during the On Guard cruise 1953-1954 flying F9F's. His plane was #213. I have seen the home movies before although not since a long time ago but there are some good shots of my Dad. He is the one joking and grabbing the nightstick of the SP on film one.

Here is a few things you might want to know. The name of the squadron originally was Deneen's Dazzling Dragons named after the CO. It of course changed to World Famous Golden Dragons after the two movies came out. However, the Marines always referred to them as the Yeller Lizards. My mother was a commercial artists and helped in the design of the nose art and patch. I still have my Dad's flight jacket which has that patch along with many of his other journeys from GMU-61 in 1955-56 up through his being CO of VT-24 in Beeville. CDR Tom Hudner, the medal of honor winner relieved Dad when he was assigned as XO of the Lexington.

Coincidently, my Dad used the call sign of Doc in VF-192 during the deployments aboard the Princeton and the Oriskany. He changed it to Red in 1955 while flying and testing the sidewinder missile in China Lake as well as future assignments. I use his coffee mug every day at work.

Also check the pilots in VF-193 in the 1953 Cruise Book and you will find Alan Sheppard, our first astronaut."

Doug Parry

Lt Loren C (Doc) Parry (from the 1953 Cruise Book) (A still of him from the 1953 home movie)
Lt Alan B. Sheppard,VF-193 from the 1953 Cruise, our first Astronaut